The celebration of Diwali ,'The festival of lights' came alive at Paatasala .students wore traditional attires ,The rangoli,clasroom deocorations and crafts done by students added the perfect setting to the festivity. students conveyed wishes in Telugu language. . Students talked about the significance of the festival - how good always conquered the evil and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated .. Besides sensitizing students to the ill-effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines on being safe while bursting them.

Paatasala CEO Mr. SubbaRow had a meeting with Office bearers of Telugu Association of South Jersey in Vroohees ( near Philadelphia ). President of TASJ Mr. Sai Jarugula Presented a memento to Mr.SubbaRow.
kids after the class recited poems they recited recently in Taba Regional conf.. Later Mr. SubbaRow felicitated Ms Padma Lakshmi , teacher for her continuous efforts.

ANDHRA Association, Nagpur is known for its service to Telugu community for many years and has a strong bond with Telugu’s living in and around Nagpur city. It conducts regular programmes for the benefit or welfare or entertainment of Telugu’s and one such programme was conducting ‘Kumkuma Pujas’ on October 29 which was a grand success.

PSN Murthy, Secretary announced that Andhra Association proposes to start ‘Paatasala’ from January 2018 onwards as a service to children of Telugu families to learn Telugu.

Murthy explained that the School Education Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh (AP) has developed a 4 years Telugu course ‘Telugu Paluku’ for the children of Telugu families settled out side AP in India or in any country and Paatasala Inc, USA, a 501 C (3) certified non profit organisation has been successfully running this in USA for the last 4 years and now both Govt of AP and Paatasala Inc have approached Andhra Association to start and manage ‘Paatasala’ centres in Nagpur. He also said that ‘Telugu Paluku’ course is to learn Telugu for children 5 years and above and it will have 2 hour class on Saturday or Sunday every week and exams will be conducted at the end of the year and Govt certificates be presented for year II and year IV.

Murthy also said that Andhra Association is at 179, Amruth Bhavan, Nagpur will be the venue. He said that it is the prime responsibility of every Telugu family to make their child learn Telugu, and invited Telugu families to respond to him by phone immediately. He said that the timing and starting date and teacher details etc., will be finalised after discussing with the interested families.

Honorable Minister Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao Garu, AP Special Representative Sri Jayaram Komati Garu, Secretary Education Sri. Aditya Nath Das, Sri Pathuri Nagabhushan ,TANA President Sri Satish Vemana along with TANA leadership appreciated Paatasala efforts in East coast and recognised Paatasala team in a function in New Jersey on Saturday, 28 Oct 17.

Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao garu released Paatasala posters for New Jersey and Virginia.

Sri Ramamohan Vedantham, from New Jersey, Sri Nagaraju Nalajula from Phili, Ms Sravya Bayana from Virginia were also present.

Philadelphia has organzied Paatasala (Telugu school promoted by TANA) Vasantotsawam (Annual day) on Saturday July 15th in Community Music School, Collegeville, PA. More than 50 kids performed as part of the celebrations and more than 300 people attended this successful event.

Teachers Vidyullatha Vasireddy , Suneetha Vagvala, Lakshmi Addanki and Padmaja Bogadi. Srikrishna Rayabaram, Telugu Kavulu, Bahubali skits were highlights of the event.

We encouraged all our paatasala students to speak in Telugu and Special Thanks to our President Satish Vemana garu and Treasurer Ravi Potluri garu for continuous inspiration. MLC YVB Rajendra Prasad garu attended as chief guest. Foundation Trustee Harish Koya garu and Sambaiah Kotapati garu felicitated MLC Rajendra Prasad garu, Akkaraju Sarma garu and Mallik garu.

Aparna Vagvala anchored the event, she did fabulous job. Thanks to Young and Talented singers Budhavarapu sisters (Bhaskari and Sindhu) and Neha Anumolu for entertaining the audience.

Annapurnalu Saroja Sagaram , Suneetha vagvala, Saroja Pavuluri, Lakshmi Addanki, Vidyullatha Vasireddy, Vijaya Jarugula, Swarupa Kotapati , Indu Sandadi ,Suneetha Nalajala, Radha Devi , Krishnaja Nandamuri, Vijayasri Parchuri , Roopa koganti, Rajeswari kantheti and Padma Bogadi had made delicious food.

We really appreciate Mr.Nagaraju , Sai Jarugala , Teachers & entire team for making this event success.

“It is basic responsibility of every family to impart mother language Telugu to their children… and for that every family should speak in Telugu at home and at gatherings so that their children also will learn Telugu speaking" said Chief Minister Sri Chandrababu Naidu after launching Online versions of Telugu Paluku, the Telugu course being offered by Paatasala in USA with a partnership of School Education Dept, Govt of AP.

He also said “Paatasala is doing a very good job by creating necessary facilities to teach Telugu. I am happy that now Paatasala has come up with Online version so that it reaches more Telugu Homes. I congratulate and compliment Paatasala team. I suggest every Telugu family to utilize the AP Govt program to teach Telugu to their children”.

Mr. Jayaram Komati, Chairman, Paatasala said that "Paatasala has been functioning for that last 4 years in USA and now with the partnership of Govt of AP, Paatasala will be expanded all over USA and other countries too". Mr. Prasad Garapati, Vice Chairman, Paatasala said “Paatasala Inc is a 501 C (3) Certified Non Profit organization and it will serve NRI Telugu community all over the world. Govt AP’s SCERT has given a new syllabus which is more simpler and easy to learn.

Mr. Subba Row Chennuri, CEO, Paatasala said that "new text books are being developed at present and will be ready shortly. New eLearning software is also developed in line with the new syllabus given. The new syllabus is scientific and modern and suggests teaching Telugu through LSRW (Learning – Speaking – Reading- Writing) method where a student will first learn speaking Telugu words and from those words the boy/girl will learn alphabets. Paatasla Inc has tied up with Forsys Inc as its Technology partner and will be offering very advanced online services to its teachers and students. Ms. Vijaya Aasuri, Member of Advisory Board, Mr. Prasad Mangina, Director (Admin & Logistics) and other Bay Area Paatasala team were present.

Telugu Paluku introduces new teaching methods for NRI Kids